Jordanian coins and banknotes

Source: Central Bank of Jordan

Coins in circulation

1 qirsh

1 qirsh or 1 piaster

5 piasters

5 piasters

10 piasters

10 piasters

0.25 dinar

Quarter dinar or 25 piasters

0.5 dinar

Half dinar or 50 piasters

You can buy for it:

- a short taxi ride

More coins - allegedly in circulation

According to the Central Bank of Jordan, the following coins are also in circulation today, but I never had a chance to see them in my wallet:

Half qirsh Half qirsh or half piastre

2.5 piasters

2.5 piasters

Jordanian banknotes

Jordanian banknotes

Click on the picture to enlarge and see the security elements on the banknotes.

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