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Utility prices last updated: 13 February 2009.

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Household electricity

Household subscribers who consume between

  • 161-300kW pay 71 fils (0.071 JD) per kW.
  • 301-500kW pay 85 fils (0.085 JD) per kW.
  • over 500kW pay 113 fils (0.113 JD) per kW.

Piped water

I couldn't find any official price list so I tried to figure it out from our last bill.

We paid 6.73 JD for 28 cubic meters.

Gas cylinders

There is no piped gas service in Aqaba. We use gas cylinders for cooking and heating in the winter.

One cylinder lasts for about a month, but of course it depends on your actual consumption.

Cylinders are sold from lorries driving around the residential areas. You can hear them coming from the special jingle they play. Just rush out to the street and wave them to stop.

To change an empty gas cylinder you have to pay 6.50 JD.

A new one costs 56.50 JD to buy.

Useful tip:

Key 27

You will need a 27 key to connect the cylinder to the hose.

Fuel prices

See the updated list of fuel prices here.

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