Aqaba Activities

Aqaba activities for everyone: sightseeing, scuba diving and snorkeling, shopping, dining, cruising, day trips and adventures.

The main attraction of Aqaba is the Red Sea, so most of the typical Aqaba activities are water-borne:

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Diving and snorkeling are the best things you can do in Aqaba, but if you are afraid to go that deep, you can still enjoy the beaches of Aqaba and have a look at the underwater sights from a glass bottom boat or visit the Aquarium at the Marine Science Station..

Historical Sites

Dont't worry, there are not so many of them, so you can pay your duty to the old stones pretty quickly and then move on to the fun things!

Visit the ruins of ancient Islamic city of Ayla then check out the Aqaba Castle and the Museum next to the iconinc great flagpole. From the flagpole you can walk back to the downtown via the seaside promenade, where you can sit down for a drink and a little people watching.

Duty Free Shopping

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Aqaba has a good selection of local and international restaurants, from cheap eateries to gourmet restaurants at the luxury hotels - and anything in between.

Day Tours to Petra, Wadi Rum

Aqaba is the ideal base for day trips to rose-red rock city of Petra, to Wadi Rum desert, the home of Bedouins and you can also cruise over to the Pharaon Island (belonging to Egypt) to visit the Fortress of Saladin.

More Aqaba Activities

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