Bedouin Roads in Wadi Rum

by Attayak Ali al Zilabia
(Wadi Rum)

My name is Attayak Ali and I am a specialized adventure guide. My team and I can take you far into the desert, either hiking or scrambling in the mountains. We all speak fluent English and are all from the local Bedouin tribe.

Besides offering scrambling and hiking trips, often lasting several days, we offer camel treks and all-day jeep tours. Our tours are high quality tours and it is true that we do not offer cheap prices. (Many of the cheaper tours that you find offered only last for two or three hours - although this is not always specified in advance.) We can also take you on two or three day jeep tours, going a long way from the tourist roads.

We even offer combined tours, where you can do a one day jeep tour and one day hiking or camel riding. You can even do all three! We also offer a very good one day jeep/scramble trip where you cover the main sites of Wadi Rum in the morning and in the afternoon you can climb a mountain to have a magnificent view over the area from above!

Our preferred tours are the hiking and scrambling ones. We offer a Wadi Rum Adventure programme where you can choose two, three or four days visiting the mountains and canyons here.

Our camp is close to Jebel Raka, some 10kms from the village. If you like, after a night in the desert, you can return to the village on camels! This makes a great end to your visit here!
The camp is sheltered from the weather, but you can watch the sunset from the rock mound beside it, and sleep on the dune in the summer under the stars or the moon.

The camp has a good shower and toilet block where there are sit down toilets - and the block is cleaned at least once a day, as is the kitchen!

Our website is at The programmes are described in full and the prices are both all-inclusive and up to date.

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