The Cheapest Dead Sea Beach in Jordan

Amman Beach, Dead Sea

Amman Beach is your best option to enjoy the benefits of this unique mineral water without having to pay the crazy prizes for the 4 and 5 star Dead Sea hotels.

You can find showers, restaurant, cafe and sweet water swimming pools above the seashore.

Entrance fee is 10 JD.

Dead Sea mud

Cover yourself from head to toe in black Dead Sea mud and take that obligatory picture… (Yes, it IS a Kodak moment!) … to scare your loved ones back home.

By the way, Dead Sea Cosmetics are one of the best souvenirs to take home from Jordan. My female friends and family members always appreciate them.


Make sure you don’t have any injuries on your skin before you enter the water or spread the mud on yourself because the salt burns them like hell.

Even without any scratches I can’t really stand it longer than 10-15 minutes, my skin just starts to feel itchy.

Don’t let the water go in your eyes, too. If it happens, rinse them very well with freash water from the showers. In any case, take a thorough shower after floting in the Dead Sea and rub off all the mud.

Don’t swallow the sea water, not only tastes uttery bitter, it can also make you retch.

Places to see around the Dead Sea

Unless someone wants to spend a whole day sunbathing and swimming in the pools, I always recommend to tourist to combine their trip to the Dead Sea with visiting other sites in the area:

  • Mount Nebo, where Moses was shown the Holy Land he could never reach, and where he is believed to be buried
  • Madaba, the Mosaic City
  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan, where Jesus of Nazareth is said to have been baptised by John the Baptist
  • Hammamat Ma’in hot springs
  • Wadi Al-Mujib, one of the most spectacular canyons in Jordan
  • Dead Sea Panoramic Center

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