Dead Sea Water, Dead Sea Minerals and Salts

The Dead Sea contains 20 times as much bromine as the regular sea water, 15 times as much magnesium and 10 times as much iodine.
33% of it is solid substance.

This highly therapeutic salt water attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

Many of them just come for the fun of floating at the lowest point of the earth but there are a lot of people who seek and find cures for their health problems thanks to the following dead sea minerals:

  • Bromine: relaxes the nerves (many sedatives contains this element)

  • Magnesium: counteracts skin allergies and clears the bronchial passages

  • Iodine: has a beneficial effect on certain glandular functions.


Make sure you don’t have any injuries on your skin before you enter the water or spread the mud on yourself because the salt burns them like hell.

Even without any scratches I can’t really stand it longer than 10-15 minutes, my skin just starts to feel itchy.

Don’t let the water go in your eyes, too. If it happens, rinse them very well with freash water from the showers. In any case, take a thorough shower after floting in the Dead Sea and rub off all the mud.

Don’t swallow the sea water, not only tastes uttery bitter, it also can induce retching.

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