For Wadi Rum - Sabbah Ali is a unforgettable good choice

by Bogdanov

Bulgarian family in Wadi Rum 1

Bulgarian family in Wadi Rum 1

We spent some wonderful days in Jordan - Aqaba, incredible Petra and unforgettable Wadi Rum.

Everywhere we meet extremely friendly, helpful, jolly and proud people - from the chef officer on the border point, through bedouins, to taxi drivers.
The last one we're really obliged to, because Sabbah forgot to send a car to pick us up from Petra, and they offered and gave us great rescue help - contacted him and arranged all transfer in the evening, for us for free, to Wadi Rum.

Sabbah met us and everything continued going from better to best! This young man is unbelievable, he gave us a desert night and day like 1001 nights tales.

In his tent bivouac, under the millions bright stars shining on the desert night sky, he tells, just for us - 3 Bulgarians and a young Japanese couple, ancient Arabic legends and prepare on the fire delicious dinner.

The tents are no tourist attraction, they are real bedouins' tents and other miracle in the desert - running water bathroom with faience tiles and massive natural rock walls romantically illuminated with candles.

For camel riding, ancient inscriptions, nabatean temple, red rocks, dunes, sand coffee etc. wonder things, it's no necessity to recommend, only we say that the sky is so high and crystal blue like not a real, but a photoshop processed image.

At the end, for adult non-muslims, like us, don't forget to taste Jordanian Arac (anis-seed brandy) in the pub in the village where is the final point of the Sabbah Ali safaris.

By the way the prices are reasonable and it's important - your money goes, not in the pockets of the travel agencies, but directly to this nice local people.

We strongly recommend Jordan to European tourists. It, together with Nepal and Peru, is one of the our favorite places.

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