Fuel Prices in Jordan

Cost of Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene and Cooking Gas.
Manaseer and TOTAL Service Stations Locations

Updated: 2 Jan 2018.

Fuel prices in Jordan are set by the goverment and reviewed on a monthly basis to reflect international gas prices on the local prices. In November 2012 the Cabinet made the decision to remove subsidy on oil derivatives which resulted in a price hike of several fuel products. However, thanks to the latest update, the new year is bringing a bit cheaper fuel for Jordanians.

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Aqaba Petrol Station

Gasoline or petrol is called benzeene, and Super is called khas.

Current Fuel Prices

Unleaded 90 octane 0.730 JD / liter
Unleaded 95 octane 0.955 JD / liter
Diesel, Kerosene 0.550 JD / liter
Cooking Gas 7.00 JD / 12-kg cylinder

Petrol Stations in Jordan

Petrol Station in Jordan

There are numerous petrol stations in major cities, but think and fill up ahead if you are driving to southern Jordan, as they are more sparsely spaced there.

The newest gasoline stations may accept credit cards but the older ones definitely not so always keep cash with you if you plan to buy fuel on your way.

Manaseer Oil & Gas Service Stations locations in Jordan

TOTAL Fuel Service Stations locations in Jordan

"Alternative" Filling Stations

And this is how Jordanians tackle the fuel price hike: private "gas stations" selling privately imported cheap Saudi petrol are mushrooming these days on the streets of Aqaba.

Illegal gas station

Saudi Fuel

At the time of posting these pictures, the price at these benzeene huts were 14 JD/gallon (20 liters).

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