Geocaching in Jordan

Did you know that you can do geocaching in Jordan?

What is geocaching?

It's a modern, GPS-aided treasure hunting game played and enjoyed by adventure seeking people from all age groups and nations throughout the world.

Geocachers hide containers, called caches, in various places all around the globe
- in parks, outside of landmark buildings, alongside hiking trails, above and below ground, and even in local neighborhoods - for other members to find them.

There are more than 700,000 active geocaches around the world and their number keeps growing rapidly.

The location of all caches are published on the official geocaching website where members can learn the GPS coordinates of the hidden ’treasure boxes’ and log their experiences after they found them.

You’ll need a handheld GPS device to go geocaching.

GPS Treasure Hunting in Jordan

At the time of writing (February 2009) there are 21 active geocaches in Jordan:

  • One is hidden at Aqaba Castle

  • There are four caches in Wadi Rum

  • Three geocaches in Petra

  • One is hidden at Shobak Castle

  • Three caches are around the Dead Sea

  • One on Mount Nebo

  • Four in Amman and two around Amman

  • One at Ajloun Castle

  • One the Temple of Artemis in Jerash

Official Geocaching website

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