Take a closer look at
the Giant Flag

The Giant Flag

Although the Giant Flag can be seen from almost any point of Aqaba - and even from Egypt and Eilat - it is worth to come close to feel its real grandiosity.

You will be in great trouble trying to fit it in the viewfinder of your camera!

Since its erection in 2004, the flag has become the symbol of Aqaba, a genuine landmark for the city.

I first saw it from an airplane landing at the middle of the night in January 2005. It looked georgeous.

Many people mistakenly think that this is the flag of Jordan, but they are wrong. See the difference:

Arab Revolt flag The Great Arab Revolt Flag

Jordan flag The Flag of Jordan

The Giant Flag was erected to commemorate the Great Arab Revolt of 1916 against the Ottoman Empire. The leader of the Revolt was Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, the great-great grandfather of Abdullah II, Jordan's current king.
His former house is right near the flagpole, on the Great Arab Revolt Plaza and you can see his portrait on the

1 dinar banknote.

Did you know?

  • This 137-meter tall flagpole is currently the 2nd largest unsupported flagpole in the world. It used to be the Nr 1 until 3rd of July 2008 when the new Ashgabat Flagpole in Turkmenistan was officially announced as new world recorder.

  • The size of the flag is 20 x 40 meters.

  • There is a 2-person maintenance lift inside the pole.
    We had the chance to look inside the other day during the regular replacement of the torn flag.

    Flag maintenance

    Inside the flagpole

  • There is a live video feed camera on the top.
    I was looking for the pictures of this camera on the internet but couldn't find it yet. If you know where to find them, please let me know using the Contact us form!

For more technical details about the Giant Flag click here.

More to see at this location

Next to the Giant Flag you can find the House of Sharif Hussein Bin Ali and the Aqaba Archaeological Museum in one complex built of stones.

Aqaba Castle (Mamluk Fort) is right behind the museum complex.

Visist the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation's Jordan Design & Trade Center opposite the Museum. In this Arts & Crafts shop you will find the best quality, genuine handicrafts from Jordan and your purchase supports the cooperatives of beduin women who produced these items.

You can also take a Glass Bottom Boat tour from here.

Getting here from the downtown

The Great Arab Revolt Plaza is about a 10-15 minutes walk from the downtown. You can walk down the busy King Hussein Bin Talal street from Ayla Circle or take the pedestrian walkway near the coast.

The taxi fare from the downtown should be around 0.5-0.75 JD.

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