I recommend Excel Travel in Taba

by A. J.

Excel Travel is the name of the agency that helped me arrange my ferry trip from Taba to Aqaba in 2009 as an individual, after screw-ups from several other agencies.

Their email address: sinai@exceltrvl.com
Website: www.exceltrvl.net.

They helped us when our ferry bookings were mishandled by Aqaba Sky Travel.

The manager came to the Taba ferry marina to assist passengers on and off the boats and made sure that we got on and arrived in Aqaba for our pickup with Aqaba Sky.

It is very necessary to have a local person in Taba if one is embarking there. The ferry boats run in response to the tour traffic so the times and numbers of boats vary.

I tried to book the ferry ticket through Pro Tours in Taba but they didn't answer my emails, and, upon inquiry in person, they very rude and condesending.

I would not recommend them under any circumstances.

Aqaba Sky Travel also caused me immense trouble by stating the wrong ferry time and saying a taxi would fetch us at the hotel. No taxi arrived and we had to quickly hire one to the marina, only to find out that the ferry we were booked for had departed an hour previously.

I hope this information is helpful.

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