One-Way Ride Forbidden?

by Laurel
(United States)

(Submitted on 11 July 2010)

I wrote to Sindbad Xpress ferries and actually got a response! They told me to contact ProTours Travel in Taba to make a booking and get answers to some questions I had.

When ProTours wrote me back, they said I could ONLY do a ROUND-TRIP ferry from Taba to Aqaba and that ONE-WAY is forbidden!??
That's not what it says on your website and in one of my guide books. You say that one-way is $50 and round-trip is $85. ProTours only quoted same-day round-trip for $148 and next-day round-trip for $158.

I'm wondering if ProTours is on the level or if they are trying to get me to buy into a package tour. However, I just want to take the ferry one-way from Taba to Aqaba because I will travel through Jordan to Amman and fly home from there.

Do you know anything about this ferry situation? Has this changed recently and now they are only offering the Taba-Aqaba ferry as a round-trip?

Thanks very much for your help,


P.S. Your website says the ferry from Taba to Aqaba takes about 75 min., but ProTours says it takes 45 min. Which is more accurate?
Departure time is still the same (7:30 AM), but ProTours says the ferry arrives in Aqaba at 8:30 AM (approx.), so that's actually an hour, not 45 min. They also say they don't have delays (just takes 45 min. to get through check-in).
No delays? Really??

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