Rum Stars Camp in Wadi Rum Protected Area

by Ahmed Ogla AL Zalabeyh
(Wadi Rum)

Dear Wadi Rum Guest,

I am Ahmed AL Zalabeyh, local Bedouin guide in Wadi Rum, owner of WADI RUM BEDOUIN ADVENTURES/RUM STARS, which is a licensed Bedouin Tour Operation in Wadi Rum.

We organize a wide range of tours and expeditions for people visiting the protected area. We try to give people the best possible experience of WADI RUM and ensure they see all of its natural beauty.

We have traditional Bedouin style campsite inside Wadi Rum protected area, and we also offer different kind of activates in the desert as Jeep tours, trekking & scrambling programs, camels trekking.

For more information and details please have a look at our website: and for adventures trekking& scrambling programs please check out

We had run this business since almost 20 years, so we can say that we are experienced in what we do.

Let me add some more information about our campsite and activates.

About our Bedouin campsite:

Our camp is Located inside Wadi Rum protected area, about 15kms from Rum Village. It's around 2 kms from Um Frouth Rock bride and 1 km from Lawrence house in the sunset and sunrise place, and is based around several large Bedouin tents and a number of small tents prepared with comfortable beds.

This is my own private camp which is used only by people who are visiting Wadi Rum through my company.

Guest can sleep inside the tent, or just outside it alongside the fire, or a bit further off on the dune "under the stars", as they wish.

During our guests' stay we try to show them our traditional Bedouin life, how prepare the real traditional Bedouin coffee and explain to them how to drink it. Tell them all the information of our Bedouin life … accompanied by traditional Bedouin cooking and there is often traditional storytelling, music, singing Bedouin songs, dancing.

The campsite is equipped with good and clean Bbthrooms and showers.

About the food:

We offer open buffet for dinner and breakfast.

We will prepare Bedouin food for the main dish, we cook (Zarb or Mansaff) - and always show people how to cook it under the ground - some vegetables, rice, various salads, all served in a buffet style.

Our programs & activates:

Jeep tour: we have good quality Jeeps, close one or open one with roof, upon request.
We offer programs with Jeeps from 2 hours to full day tour, depending in our guests' request.

Camel trekking: our camels are prepared with comfortable saddle. We offer camel trekking from 2 hours up to 1 day to 7 days trekking in the desert.

Scrambling & trekking: we believe that trekking is the best way to discover Wadi Rum desert, so we had designed special programs from 1 up to 7 days.
Programs cover trekking to all of the beautiful canyons, valleys, and scrambling to the most of the high mountains (Jebel Burdah Bridge, Um Adami - the highest mountain in Jordan, Jebel AL Hash, Jebel Rakabet Canyon, Jebel Rum).

We had created a website spicifically for our trekking and scrambling programs, it contains all the information and programs about our Bedouin adventures tours.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us regarding further questions or suggestions of how we can make our programs more suited to your desires and budget. We await your response, and look forward to working with you!

Best Regards,

Ahmed Ogla AL Zalabeyh
Rum stars company

Email :

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