Straight forward to take this ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba

by Mary Brewster
(New Zealand)

We took the ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba, Jordan early May 2019, and found it all as described and quite straightforward, but do allow plenty of time.

Our hotel in Dahab arranged a car to take us to Nuweiba as the only bus (Go Bus) leaves at 10.00am and takes 1.5 hours.

We had conflicting information about the ferry departure time and had read either 12.00pm or 1.00pm departure.

When we arrived in Nuweiba at 10.00am, the ferry was already in Port and on that day left at 12.00 midday, so the bus would have been too late for that ferry.

The car took us directly to the AB Maratime office by the Port (apparently the bus does too) and we purchased our tickets - the process involves handing over your passport and US$75 per person, and after 5 mins the tickets are issued.

The ticket office is very close to the Port - but the car took us there. It is no distance to walk and the building is large and obvious.

At the Port there were usual bag X-rays to enter the building, then an immigration/customs window to show our tickets and get passports checked and our departure stamp from Egypt.

At no time were we asked to pay departure tax.

We found the process straight forward, but it just takes time. We were travelling during Ramadan and there were not many foot passengers, so I expect it could take a lot longer at busy times.

After about 15 mins (probably around 11.00am) we all got
coralled to the door and onto a bus that took us a short distance across the wharf to the ferry.

All passengers walked up the ramp onto the ferry and then stood in line to have passports checked. Our bags were put on a trolley on the deck.

So we were on the boat and processed about 11.30am and departed at 12.15pm. The process just took time, but nothing was complicated.

The ferry is a typical passenger ferry with an indoor seating area, a small cafe, and toilets - apparently the mens toilets were gruesome, but the womens were fine - probably because there were only a few women. Bring your own tissues.

We sat outside on the deck for the whole journey - standard plastic seats along the deck. Our sailing took about 2.5 hours.

Arrival in Jordan was much more chaotic, and on our sailing there were only 5 foreigners, but it took over an hour.

There are few signs and we got re-directed several times to different areas of the building and different windows where there were no staff. Eventually we were processed and given our free visa.
They were not interested in our Jordan Pass.

And finally our bags were X-rayed and opened for a very cursory check.

At the exit door we were immediately hassled by taxi drivers - haggle hard as they wanted JD15 but we got them down to JD11 for the short trip into the city.

So overall the ferry is very feasible and straightforward but allow time at both ends.

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May 14, 2019
Thanks for the detailed review
by: Eszter - Go2Jordan.INFO

Thank you for the detailed review of the Nuweiba-Aqaba ferry!
Very useful information for anyone wanting to cross from Egypt to Jordan.

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